Travel Well with a Trusted Travel Partner

The travel agent. You might think to yourself “gee, they’re still around? Why do I need a travel agent when I can just plan everything myself and find the best deals online?” You could certainly do this, but you would be guaranteed to miss out on the nuances of an amazing, and luxurious, travel experience. Having a travel partner with you along every step of your journey can make the difference between an okay experience and an awesome experience, between “I feel like a tourist” and “I feel like a local.” Not only that, but a good travel partner will ensure that all of your travel logistics, including documentation and point to point transfers, are all taken care of so that you’ll have more time to enjoy and no time to stress.

We’re in the business of being your personal advisor for any of your travel needs. Like a friend, we’re there with you from step one as you plan your vacation, whether it be a weeklong cruise in the Bahamas or a two week getaway to the British Isles or even a ten day expedition cruise to Antarctica! We know the ins and outs of the travel business, the travel suppliers that stand out, the coolest local things to do at any destination, the historical significance of any area of the world you travel to. But most importantly, we know our clients and we value their expectations. After all, it’s their journey and they know exactly what they want to get out of their travel experience.

We’re Cruises & Beyond, and we’re here to show you how well you can travel.