Cruises and Beyond is proud to offer a unique and personal experience to travel planning. Our travel consultants' combined experience and knowledge assures a level of service unsurpassed for whatever your travel needs may be.


Meet the Founders


Sherri & Jack Barber


Colleen Tanaka


The heart of Cruises & Beyond, and certainly the heart of each other's lives, Sherri and Jack Barber joined Colleen Tanaka to start a new travel agency that focused on providing the best personalized experience for its clients. Now in its 15th year, Cruises & Beyond continues to be the best advocate for its customers in the industry. Plan your travels with us, and you'll feel like you're a part of the family.    


Meet the Team

Chris Barber


The young face of the company, Chris Barber joined the Cruises & Beyond team in late 2017 to help bring it to the forefront of the digital centric world. Providing sales support and managing the company's marketing strategies, Chris has grown up traveling the world with his family and thus shares a younger generation's perspective on the travel industry as a whole. 


Becky Xian

Becky Xian.JPG

Becky Xian has been on the Cruises and Beyond's team for 5 years.  Her interest in travel started from an early age. She earned a degree in tourism from Guangzhou University in Guangzhou, China with an emphasis on the English language. Upon graduation she worked in the hospitality service with a famous hotel that mainly served foreign customers. Coming to the United States was a life changing experience for her. Furthering her studies in the English language while attending college here, she landed an opportunity here at Cruises and Beyond. Through vigorous training and on the job experience, she has become a very capable travel consultant and her many clients can attest to that. Aside from her ability to speak and write fluently in Chinese, her attention to the details of travel planning and her unmatched patience has earned her the greatest admiration from her loyal clients. 


Florence Wan


As a mother of three, Florence’s travel experience grew as her children grew - from driving to Disneyland with toddlers to flying with college students in preparation for their studies abroad. She is an experienced organizer of multiple family reunions and a seasoned solo traveler, both domestically and overseas. Last fall, when she became an empty-nester, she accomplished her milestone birthday
goal of hop-scotching through Asia. With so much of the world to see, her ever growing wish list includes Vietnam, Morocco, Hokkaido, Bhutan and Patagonia. Whether enjoying conch salad in Nassau; climbing a clock tower in Prague; or hanging out with deer in Nara, she travels to learn about the landmarks, history, culture, cuisine and people that give each locale its unique flavor and characteristics.


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