Cruises & Beyond is a premium travel agency that specializes in providing full itinerary planning and management services for personal and group vacations. We handle all of your bookings from airfare, hotels, transfers, cruises, tour activities and travel insurance - and package it nicely into a unified itinerary for your easy reference. Unless in situations we deem necessary, Cruises & Beyond does not charge a service fee. What you see online is what you get here at our company. We're just here to make travel easier for you, because who wants to worry while they travel?      


Here's what we do for you 

  • Create custom itineraries with destination, travel style and activities recommendations

  • Consolidate your booking confirmations, destination content, messaging and real-time updates into an interactive and social tool.

  • Book private, small or large group guided tours and excursions

  • Fulfilling private transfers and other transportation needs from airport, hotels or cruise ships.

  • Arrange and book flights (but only as part of a larger travel package)

  • Consult on travel requirements — i.e. passport or medical needs

  • Consult and provide Travel Insurance

  • Secure reservations for restaurants, performances or other experiences

  • Secure upgraded amenities and exclusive benefits, when available

  • … and more! Whatever you want to experience during your journey, we'll try to make happen.


How it works

  • Think About Where You Want To Be

    Planning a vacation begins with the destination in mind. Where do you see yourself traveling to in the immediate future? Do you want to travel internationally to the far-reaches of the world? Or would you prefer to keep it relatively close to home - enough of a vacation to make it memorable close enough where you don't have to break your bank?

  • Choose Your Type of Travel

    Whether you want to take a two-week cruise to the Mediterranean or take part in a completely custom land-based adventure, we're here to help you plan and recommend the best travel suppliers or tour operators catered especially to your interests. Just tell us what type of experience you want and the rest will be taken care of.

  • Planning Your Itinerary

    At this point, we take into account all of your interests and travel needs and develop your itinerary. We handle all of your logistics including bookings, travel documents and invoices and ensure that your preferences are accounted for with all of your travel suppliers. We make sure you have everything you need so that when your vacation starts, the only thing you need to worry sbout is being present!

  • Enjoy Your Vacation!

    We're here to make your travels the most worthwhile, hassel-free experiences possible so that you have more time to enjoy and no time to stress. Enjoy yourselves - and just know that your personal travel advisors are always there for you.


Providing You Comprehensive and Collaborative Itinerary Management

Real-time updates, curated content and mobile messaging are just some of the tools that empower you to engage with us, during and after your trip.



  • Flights updates & notifications

  • Curated content

  • Message with your customers


  • Group messaging

  • Add new bookings and notes

  • Recommendations

  • Group journal


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